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We loved traveling for our markets and CSAs over the years. But, as we aged, Crooked Row began to look for a suitable, permanent home.

The Wehr’s Fruit Stand had been a cornerstone of Orefield’s food community for over 50 years. My sister and I spent many happy summer days visiting with the farm animals out back while our mother picked up fresh fruits and vegetables for dinner. We were excited to be able to grow into such a beautiful space.

We are so grateful to be able to open up a shop with a nod to the local agricultural scene here in the Lehigh Valley, and we are so excited to grow with you and for you in the years to come.

The Crooked Row Farm Market offers all you need for a holistic food shopping experience. We strive to grow high-quality, delicious, organic vegetables, herbs, eggs and fruits for our customers while also supporting the other amazing growers in our neighborhood. Other organic producers we trust fill out the tables on one end of the stand, while locally-grown sweet corn and fruit stock the bins and shelves on the other end. In between, you can find a wide array of cheeses, Kombucha, freshly-baked breads, meats, mushrooms, flour and oats, jams and jellies, canned goods and more.

Above all, everything is labeled with the farm’s name, practices and price so you can pick out exactly what you want.

Please feel free to peruse our Market Cash option – a great way to maximize your local food dollars!

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Our Certified-Organic Growers:
Crooked Row Farm
The Good Farm
The Rodale Institute

Our Non-Certified, But Organically-Practicing Growers:
Green Valley Farm (No-Spray Blueberries)
Red Cat Farm
Terra Fauna Farm
Yellow Sky Farm
Best Berry Farm
Red Earth Farm

Our Eggs:
Crooked Row – If you’ve been to the stand, you’ve probably met our girls. They are friendly and hilarious, and they also lay the most beautiful, tastiest brown eggs and golden yolks I’ve ever experienced.  In the season, we move them through the fields in a rotational pasture system. Furthermore, we feed them supplemental organic grains and, quite honestly, they probably eat more vegetables than I do.
The Nesting Box – Cage Free, Brown Eggs

Our Meat:
Liberty Acres – Pastured-Raised, Non-GMO Fed Pork, Chicken and Lamb
Wholesome Food Farm – Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Beef
Gauker Farms – Grain-Fed Beef – Pop Up Markets Monthly

Our Conventional Growers:
The Berry Farm
Pine Valley Farm
Scholl’s Orchard
Twin Maple Farms

Our Cheesemakers:
Klein Farms – We also offer standing orders for Klein Farms Raw Milk
Valley Milkhouse – Organic Milk
Kreeky Tree Farm – Organically-Raised Goat Milk
Hope Springs – Organic Milk
Trickling Springs – Organic Butter

Our Beekeepers:
Schocharie Ridge Apiaries
Mom Wagner – (Crooked Row – limited quantities)

Our Producers:
The Daily Loaf – Freshly-Baked Bread Using Organic Grains
Lehigh Valley Kombucha – Organic Tea, Fruit and Sugar
Just Veggn’ – All Organic Soy-Free, Vegan Veggie Burgers
A Taste of Country – Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Sauerkraut, Preserves
Baumans – Apple Cider and Preserves
Pure Wild Tea – Berks County Herbal Teas

Certified-Organic Growers and Producers:
Crooked Row Farm
The Good Farm
The Wonder Garden
The Rodale Institute
Spring Creek Farms

Non-Certified, But Practicing Organic Methods:
Green Valley Farm (No-Spray Blueberries)
Red Cat Farm
Terra Fauna Farm
Daily Loaf Bakery
Primordia Mushrooms
Good Work Farm
Hunter Hill Farm

Our Pastured Meat:
Wholesome Food Farm
Liberty Acres
Five Points Bison
Dove Song
Wild For Salmon

Our Conventional Growers and Producers:
The Berry Farm
Pine Valley Farm
Scholl’s Orchard
A Taste of Country
Gauker Farms

Our Cheesemakers:
Klein Farms
Valley Milkhouse
Dove Song Dairy
Birchrun Hills
Collective Creamery
Spring Creek Farms

Our Beekeeper:
Schocharie Ridge Apiaries

Are We Missing Someone?

Do you know a grower who should be in our coolers and on our shelves?

Let Us Know
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